Hire Steve to speak at your next event or host a custom training session. Steve delivers powerful insights and practical applications to implement immediately. His energy is bound to fill your audience with wisdom and memorable moments. Drawing from his 30 years in the grueling and ultra competitive hospitality industry, his engaging stories are sure to draw some laughter and empathy.

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"Leading & Inspiring Millennials"

"Leading With Strengths"

"Lead Like This Today!"

Employee Engagement

Lead Like This Today

We believe that success of any organization largely depends upon the strengths of the leadership. We work in collaboration with the leadership to identify the strengths and opportunities of the organization using scientifically proven methods and tools. Together we'll formulate a plan of training, development, and execution all based on performance measures.


​"Performance lives in the gap between expectation and excellence." ​

Dean Jones - Gallup's Global Client Learning Architect 

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Lead Like This Today
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Steven Jay Smith
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Leadership Development

In America today there only 3 out of 10 workers that are engaged at their workplace.That means on average 70% of workers are not engaged with their jobs! Through our proven methods we work with the managers and their teams to dramatically improve engagement. Research has shown that engagement affects: customer ratings, productivity, profitability, turnover, safety incidents, theft,absenteeism, patient safety incidences, and quality (defects).  

Lead Like This Today

We create customized training solutions that are hand crafted specifically for your industry and organizations. Our research and curriculum is driven by Dr. Keith Falk. Some of his specialized curriculum has included:

Focus on Leadership (inspired by Gen. Colin Powell)

Focus on Talent (inspired by Daniel Coyle)

Focus on Change (inspired by Dr. John P. Kotter)

Focus on Success (inspired by Coach Pete Carroll)

Our custom 1 on 1 coaching is tailored to your goals and vision.